DBD::Sybase-0.21 hangs on testing

John Gilmore-Baldwin john at dwx.com
Thu Dec 23 18:04:40 EST 1999

I can't get tests to pass with DBD::Sybase-0.21 and freetds.  I compiled
freetds with version set to 4.2 on Solaris, I set my environment variable
for sybase to the freetds directory, and added my server to the interfaces
file there:

        query tcp ether 111.222.333.444 1433
        master tcp ether 111.222.333.444 1433

I also tried setting up the interfaces file like the regular sybase
interfaces file, with hex numbers for the port and ip addresses, but that
didn't do me well either.

Can anybody see the error of my ways?  I'm not having much luck debugging
this myself.


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