Packaging FreeTDS for Debian

Brian Bruns camber at
Wed Dec 22 13:11:57 EST 1999

[This thread is getting long, so I trimmed extensively]
On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Michael Peppler wrote:

> I think it should *definitely* be /etc/freetds/interfaces, not
> /etc/interfaces. 
> There are other files that will ultimately have to live there, such as 
> charset files and locale files.
Under FHS (as I understand it anyway) charset and locale file would under
/usr/share, my question is do client applications expect these files to 
be certain places or is it just OpenClient that cares?

Keeping compatibility with OpenClient is #1 on my list, but I'd like to
play nice with how the distros do things as well. 

Do you have any examples of apps that look directly at things in $SYBASE ?
Manual builds (make install) will always be stored entirely under
/usr/local/freetds/* but I'd like to allow package maintainers some
flexibility to put things where they make sense for that distro. Sort of
like, if SYBASE is defined, expect there to be a freetds directory with
all the stuff under there, otherwise expect in it a compile time defined

> I assume that you are going to put the .a and .so files in /usr/lib?
> That should be OK.
> That being said I dislike some of the packaging decisions that are
> being made (not necessarily debian only - redhat has the same
> problem). If you download the source and build it using default params 
> most packages will install in different directories (/usr/local/foo
> often) from where the "package" installs it, and so it's difficult to
> upgrade from source directly...
> Also - the further you move away from the normal Sybase layout, the
> more problems you will have porting software that expects this layout...
> Michael

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