Packaging FreeTDS for Debian

Brian Bruns camber at
Wed Dec 22 07:31:08 EST 1999

Well, the only question is how we will handle locale information in the
future. But for now interfaces is the sole configuration file.  Maybe we
should create a /etc/freetds/ directory though as I can imagine other
packages having a file named "interfaces", so it makes it really clear
what it is for and who it belongs to (not to be confused with network
interface cards etc...)

For now, change whatever you want as far as locations.  Our only
dependency is that SYBASE is set...I'll throw some code it to have it
check /etc/freetds/interfaces or /etc/interfaces (whichever you decide is
best, I'm leaning towards the former) so even this requirement will go

I'm planning a 0.51 release once we get some of the results stuff
squared away and to include any progress I make with the ODBC driver,
probably some time in January.  Nothing drastic will change but if you
need any other code changes to make it more compatible with FHS layout,
let me know and I'll make sure they get done.


On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:

> On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Brian Bruns wrote:
> > > 1) What is the purpose of the file
> > > 
> > >      /usr/interfaces
> > > 
> > The interfaces file stores the IP address and port of the dataserver.  It 
> > is referenced in src/tds/util.c if you are interested.
> Thanks, I found it now.
> So, if interfaces is a configuration file, it has to be go to /etc
> (as suggested in another mail).  If there would be more configuration
> concerned files, they would have to got to /etc/freetds.  Are there
> other files of this kind?
> In the first case I would like to do the following patch in utils.c:
>    if (ip_addr[0]=='\0')
>    {
>        char  *sybase = getenv("SYBASE");
>        if (sybase!=NULL && sybase[0]!='\0')
>        {
>           search_interface_file(sybase, "interfaces", server, ip_addr, ip_port);
>        }
> +       else
> +       {
> +         search_interface_file("/etc", "interfaces", server, ip_addr, ip_port);
> +       }
>    }
> > I posted a message a few days ago about the search order that is used, but 
> > in brief it is: 1) specified in the application 2) $HOME/.interfaces 3) 
> > $SYBASE/interfaces
> That would mean: 4) /etc/interfaces
> > Theoretically it should probably go someplace similar to the ODBC 
> > configuration files (for unixODBC or iODBC) and the SYBASE var can be set 
> > to that directory. I suppose we need to rethink this a bit.  I'd like to 
> > keep things as distribution (and OS) neutral as possible.
> That's OK.  However, in my opinion a sane default directory should
> be supported.  If I did understand FHS right, /etc would be a good
> choice which doesn't conflict with other UNIXes.
> Please inform me what you want to do:
> 1) Implement the patch mentioned above in the distribution?
> 2) Want me to change it only for the Debian-Package as Debian
>    specific patch.
> > Not at all really, I have some time over the holidays and was considering 
> > sprucing it up, but currently it works only for simple queries.
> A working ODBC driver would be pretty neat.
> > The samples directory is obsolete and needs to be removed (just haven't 
> > gotten around to it). You can now edit the PWD file and run the unittests 
> > by running 'make test' from the freetds directory.  There is a unittests 
> > directory under each libraries directory (tds, dblib, ctlib) which contains 
> > sample programs.
> Thanks, I'll try that.
> Due to limited spare time I have to admit, that the FreeTDS driver will
> probably not be shipped with the next Debian release (2.2), because
> I would have to have it ready up to the beginning of January.  I think
> that would not be happen.
> Kind regards and thanks
>              Andreas.

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