Packaging FreeTDS for Debian

Andreas Tille tillea at
Wed Dec 22 03:26:23 EST 1999

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Brian Bruns wrote:

> > 1) What is the purpose of the file
> > 
> >      /usr/interfaces
> > 
> The interfaces file stores the IP address and port of the dataserver.  It 
> is referenced in src/tds/util.c if you are interested.
Thanks, I found it now.

So, if interfaces is a configuration file, it has to be go to /etc
(as suggested in another mail).  If there would be more configuration
concerned files, they would have to got to /etc/freetds.  Are there
other files of this kind?

In the first case I would like to do the following patch in utils.c:

   if (ip_addr[0]=='\0')
       char  *sybase = getenv("SYBASE");
       if (sybase!=NULL && sybase[0]!='\0')
          search_interface_file(sybase, "interfaces", server, ip_addr, ip_port);
+       else
+       {
+         search_interface_file("/etc", "interfaces", server, ip_addr, ip_port);
+       }

> I posted a message a few days ago about the search order that is used, but 
> in brief it is: 1) specified in the application 2) $HOME/.interfaces 3) 
> $SYBASE/interfaces
That would mean: 4) /etc/interfaces
> Theoretically it should probably go someplace similar to the ODBC 
> configuration files (for unixODBC or iODBC) and the SYBASE var can be set 
> to that directory. I suppose we need to rethink this a bit.  I'd like to 
> keep things as distribution (and OS) neutral as possible.
That's OK.  However, in my opinion a sane default directory should
be supported.  If I did understand FHS right, /etc would be a good
choice which doesn't conflict with other UNIXes.
Please inform me what you want to do:

1) Implement the patch mentioned above in the distribution?
2) Want me to change it only for the Debian-Package as Debian
   specific patch.
> Not at all really, I have some time over the holidays and was considering 
> sprucing it up, but currently it works only for simple queries.
A working ODBC driver would be pretty neat.
> The samples directory is obsolete and needs to be removed (just haven't 
> gotten around to it). You can now edit the PWD file and run the unittests 
> by running 'make test' from the freetds directory.  There is a unittests 
> directory under each libraries directory (tds, dblib, ctlib) which contains 
> sample programs.
Thanks, I'll try that.

Due to limited spare time I have to admit, that the FreeTDS driver will
probably not be shipped with the next Debian release (2.2), because
I would have to have it ready up to the beginning of January.  I think
that would not be happen.

Kind regards and thanks


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