crashes on dbclose

Tresztnyák László treszt at
Tue Dec 21 10:34:57 EST 1999


I'm back with a new problem ;-) 
(I use freeTDS from the CVS (21/12/1999), with Sybase ASA 6.03 and
PHP4B3 on a RedHat 6.0).
Sometimes the query process dies with segmentation fault. After some
debugging i found that

1. it is a "free(): invalid pointer" error in
tds_free_results(tds/mem.c:143) when it tries to free the current_row
field. (the pointer has the same address as in tds_alloc_row after

2. i can do it with a simple PHP program:

$e=sybase_query("SELECT id,aktiv,sorszam FROM rovatok",$k);

if the last field in the SELECT is unsigned smallint. If I change the
order of the fields so that a field with another type is the last, it
  Have you any idea what's the real problem? 


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