Packaging FreeTDS for Debian

Michael Alan Dorman mdorman at
Tue Dec 21 10:05:57 EST 1999

Hey, Andreas!

Andreas Tille <tillea at> writes:
> 1) What is the purpose of the file
>      /usr/interfaces
>    I tried to check the sources but didn't found a place, where it
>    is really needed.
>    The reason for this is that it conflicts with the Debian policy
>    for placing files.  If it is really needed it should go anywhere
>    under /usr/share (because it is a plain ASCII-file and so it
>    is architecture independent).  I'd like to suggest to place it
>    in 
>      /usr/share/freetds/interfaces
>    and I'd like to know, if this change would require any changes to
>    the source.
>    May be you could think about such kind of location for your
>    distribution or you could make the location configurable at
>    compile time.

Based on my experience with Sybase---not with FreeTDS, so things may
be a bit different---I'd think that the proper place for that would be
/etc/interfaces, or perhaps /etc/freetds/interfaces.  interfaces is
the file that lists the available servers.


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