FreeTDS hangs sometimes...

Tresztnyák László treszt at
Fri Dec 17 11:03:47 EST 1999


  I use FreeTDS for accessing a Sybase database from PHP and it works,
but has a big problem: 
  If the query string is 498 (or 1002, ...) bytes long (the last TDS
packet will be exactly 512 byte), the program stops.
I tested it a bit and found that the execution stops somewhere in the
FreeTDS code. I guess it's some kind of protocol problem: one of the two
sides wait for something the other side doesnot send.

  I don't know enoght about TDS and the internal of the FreeTDS to track
down this error. Could anybody help me?

  The environment I use:
    RedHat Linux 6.0 
    FreeTDS 0.50
    Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio for unix 6.0.2
  Laszlo Tersztenyak

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