Brian Bruns camber at
Thu Dec 16 12:17:51 EST 1999

On 12/16/99, ""Darius Ramanauskas" <dara at>" wrote:
> Hello All,

I have problem with apache server. It does core dumbs then I try to run it 
The software vertion is:
FreeBSD 3.3-STABLE, Apache 1.3.9, PHP 3.0.12, FreeTDS 0.50 
and MSSQL Server 7. 
There was some messages on this subject saying that problem is with dbopen
function, but I have not find any work around. There is configure option 
'--enable-dbmfix'. Then what changes should be done to apache and php to 

It would be nice to hear from people running this configuration, how they 

Thank you

Sys/Net Admin.

P.S. I can send ktrace.out if any one is interested....

The --enable-dbmfix will rename 'dbopen()' to 'tdsdbopen()'.  PHP will need 
to be modified to call tdsdbopen(). This needs to be done in 
functions/sybase.c and then recompile and relink with apache.

I'd be very interested in the trace just to verify that this is the 


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