FreeTDS and Sybase SQL Anywhere

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Mon Dec 13 09:20:21 EST 1999


Monday, December 13, 1999, 3:35:29 PM, you wrote:

The port you suggested does not work for me.
I`m using SQL Anywhere Network Server 5.5.04 Build 1965 under NT.
May be port value differs on different platforms (Server versions)?
Can you connect to <server> <port> with telnet. I`m getting
"connection refused" immediately. Example programm "cttest" gives same

 Any other suggestion?
>> Can i connect to Sql Anywhere using Freetds.
>> What port should i use in "interfaces"?
>> currently
>> ===interfaces===
>> myserver
>>         query tcp ether 1498
>>         master tcp ether 1498
>> ===============
>>                                      ^^???
>> i`m getting "connection refused" error;
TL>   If you don't changed it by the server, the default port is 2638. 
TL>   And it works. I use it.

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