timestamp data types (also DBLib Connections)

Geoff Winkless geoff at farmline.com
Mon Dec 13 07:30:35 EST 1999

>From sqsh I'm getting "Attempting to convert unknown source type -1" when I
select an MS SQL7 timestamp field. It then returns garbage.

On Sybase timestamp works fine.

Where should I start looking??? include/tds.h mentions nothing at all about

Putting in some debugging code returns interesting stuff - what actually
happens is first it converts the timestamp field from SYBBINARY (45)
and -then- calls the convert again with -1, even though there's only one
field, vis:

1> select msrepl_synctran_ts from folusers..tuserauth where fuserid=1793
2> go


Converting type 45
Converting type -1
Attempting to convert unknown source type -1


Note that this isn't urgent (I've no need to return it, I was just

On another matter entirely, what's the recommended DBLib way of testing if a
connection is still valid?

Thanks for any help...


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