SybSQL working (kinda)

Brian Bruns camber at
Fri Dec 10 14:18:04 EST 1999

Hi all, 

Just to let everyone know SybSQL 1.0 is working with the freetds version 
from CVS.  I've gotten it to crash on a couple of things and there is an 
occasional display problem, but it mostly seems to work ok.

The bad news is it doesn't seem to like the egcs 1.0.3/gcc 2.7 combo I have 
at home (using egcs for g++), but using egcs 1.1.2 here seems to work ok.  
Time to upgrade I guess.

Also, a lot of people have emailed me on and off the list or submitted bugs 
this week, and I'm really swampped.  I'm not intentionally forgetting to 
email people back or anything it's just I only have so much time and 
there's like 6 or 7 outstanding problems.  So, hopefully this weekend I'll 
find some time to catch up, but I'm most likely to work on bugs which are 
1) reproducable 2) have test code 3) have table defs for the test code.  
Not that I won't work on the others but these will get done first.


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