Unknown marker and ntext fields

lee jackson leej at citymutual.com
Fri Dec 10 09:06:06 EST 1999

Ive been modifying the dbtest code in order to test the functionality of 
freetds. Finally get it to connect and query....was very hopeful that my 
linux to MS SQL 7.0 problems where solved. However I have a table with an 
ntext field that I need to both query, insert and update. However whenever 
I retrieve a dataset with a *populated* ntext field present I get a long 
list of Unknown Marker messages ( usually a message with 0!! and then 
another message with a different number ). Well I know that MS SQL 7.0 and 
FreeTDS have problems so this was expected. But I do need to get this 
working, somehow......

Can anyone suggest things for me to try to get this working? Is this a 
known problem and is there an ETA on a bug fix?

Many thanks 

Lee Jackson
City Mutual Ltd

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