[PHP4BETA] Re: off by one error strikes back

richard at iguana.co.nz richard at iguana.co.nz
Thu Dec 9 19:13:37 EST 1999

> > Except this time in the opposite direction. It appears we're now getting a
> > NULL on the end of string data pulled from a sybase table.
> > 
> > Platform: debian slink with latest (as of Dec 9, 4pm NZDT) cvs of both
> > 	  freetds and php4.
> > 
> > Given that the freetds guys reckoned it was an issue with their stuff last
> > time, it could be that again, or maybe something different. I'm hunting
> > for it now but if anyone has any good ideas they'd be appreciated. I note
> > that according to the diff on the php tree the php guys haven't touched
> > the relevant areas of php_sybase_ct.c for some time so I'm starting my
> > hunt in freetds.
> > 
> > Richard.
> > 
> Most of the recent changes have been in dblib, not ct so I'm not sure what
> it could be. tds_convert_* was changed to include the null in the returned
> length to fix the problem.  PHP seems to be acting the same way as well.
> I won't have time to look into before tonight, but we'll see then.
> Brian

Here's something interesting. Got in this morning to discover it was doing
exactly the opposite again, truncating by one. reversed my change from
yesterday and it came right again. Very strange, but I submit that it must
have been (somehow, I don't know how) an old file lying around somewhere
which caused the difficulty. Until further information comes to hand, I
recommend that it be considered a mistake in config by me. Apologies.


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