[PHP4BETA] off by one error strikes back

richard at iguana.co.nz richard at iguana.co.nz
Wed Dec 8 23:15:31 EST 1999

> Except this time in the opposite direction. It appears we're now getting a
> NULL on the end of string data pulled from a sybase table.
> Platform: debian slink with latest (as of Dec 9, 4pm NZDT) cvs of both
> 	  freetds and php4.

Well, I've found something that solves the problem, but I doubt its a real
solution :)

ct.c line 391 in freetds latest cvs:

                        len = tds_convert(srctype,src, curcol->column_size,

Changed to:

                        len = tds_convert(srctype,src, curcol->column_size,

Resulted in me getting the right data back. Now from what I can tell of
this, blobs may still be broken (I don't know what the standard is), and I
may well have changed the wrong thing.


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