FreeTDS 0.50

Brian Bruns camber at
Wed Dec 8 21:24:50 EST 1999

Hi everyone,

No one seemed to have problems with 0.50pre1 that were not existing
problems, so before I go tearing things up in CVS I've made pre1 the
official 0.50 release. I'll update the web page and submit it to freshmeat
in a bit.

Now, for the new stuff.  I've added all the dbspr*() routines and SybSQL
actually compiles clean and runs until you log in :-) It does a few
selects and then crashes.  gdb doesn't seem to want to work properly since
gcc 2.7.x was used for freetds and g++ used to compile SybSQL is actually
egcs 1.0.3 there seems to be a little bit of a fallout between the two.
It's my intention to use SybSQL as a test for my other project 'QtK' which
is a Qt compatible library using GTK as the widget set (It's crazy, I
know. I'm just doing it for hack value. I no real intention of taking
it anywhere).

The other thing is to tighten up some of the error handling. It seems we
have a problem when the server cycles.  I'll be checking in the first set
of fixes for that tonight, but there could be some big changes so I think
it makes sense to get 0.50 out the door first.



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