No route to host

Brian Bruns camber at
Tue Dec 7 19:26:37 EST 1999

You can specify the hostname in $DSQUERY and under 4.2 it will default the
port to 1433 (MS SQL's default port).

I'm kinda stumped as far as what is causing the no route message.  Are you
game for adding some debug code? (If so I'll send you a patch to apply)


On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Allyn Craig wrote:

> By the way, as a side issue...
> Is there a way to set up FreeTDS so you don't need an interfaces file at 
> all? It is nice sometimes to be able to specify an IP address/port number 
> for testing purposes without having to modify interfaces.
> Maybe the functionality is already there and I just don't know about it?
> Just a thought.
> Allyn Craig
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