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Mark Schaal mark at
Mon Dec 6 14:58:33 EST 1999

> 	I'm getting this sort of behavior consistantly when I try to connect
> to an MS SQL Server using sqsh.  This happens with .46, .47 and .50pre1.
> Here is a dump with -l 10
> sqsh-1.7 (DEBUG) Copyright (C) 1995-1999 Scott C. Gray
> This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
> For more information type '\warranty'
> jobset_get_cmd: Testing '\loop'
> jobset_get_cmd: Testing '\connect'
> Password:
> Unknown property 4
> connect: Network is unreachable
> 	I'll spend some time looking at the code itself, but that
> Unknown property error seems interesting...
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That is from ct_con_props(), looks like the CS_HOSTNAME property.  Most
of the properties aren't implemented until somebody needs them.  It 
shouldn't be too hard to add.  The source is in freetds/src/ctlib/ct.c.

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