No route to host

Brian Bruns camber at
Sun Dec 5 21:42:00 EST 1999

Basically this means that connect() is returning EHOSTUNREACH, which
according to my man pages isn't a valid return. They are always so out of
date anyway.

The only thing that I can see off hand would be an occasional DNS lookup
failure.  Have you had any problems with DNS?  Try replacing the host name
with an IP address and see if that helps at all.  That'll at least give us
more information to go on.


On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Nikos Mouat wrote:

> Hi,
>    I'm using FreeTDS to access a MSSQL 7.0 server. The program runs every
> hour, and frequently (about 5 times a day) I get an error something like
> No route to host.
> DB-Error: could not connect
> or something like that. It is certainly a 'no route to host' related
> message. The machine that this is running on is on the same subnet as the
> mssql 7 server.. and if I retry immediately, then it frequently, but not
> always suceeds.
> Here is the login source. dbopen is returning null when this happens.
> {
>  LOGINREC *login;
>    dbinit();
>    login = dblogin();
>    DBSETLPWD(login,"<password>");
>    DBSETLUSER(login,"<user>");
>    DBSETLAPP(login,"<database>");
>    DBSETLHOST(login,"<dbserver>.<domain>.com");
>    *dbproc = dbopen(login, "<name from interfaces file>");
>    if (*dbproc == NULL)
>       return false;
>    dbloginfree(login);
>    return true;
> }
> interfaces has:
> <name from interfaces file>
>         query tcp ether <dbserver>.<domain>.com 1433
>         master tcp ether <dbserver>.<domain>.com 1433
>         console tcp ether <dbserver>.<domain>.com 1433
> is this is a bug in the library? or more likely an error in the way I'm
> doing things.. it's a very recent version of the code, maybe three weeks
> old.
> nm
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