FreeTDS 0.50pre1

Brian Bruns camber at
Sun Dec 5 17:39:54 EST 1999

Well I managed to scrape together enough time to make a release. I'd
appreciate it if everyone would test it and give a thumbs up/down.

A couple of things that should be better with this release: 

1. The build problems with aclocal should (finally) be resolved.

2. There is a 'make test' thing modeled after Perl's.  (In fact I
shamelessly stole Sybperl's PWD file for it :-). Anyway after installing
edit the PWD file and run 'make test' and it should do it's thing.

I know that t0009 in dblib fails, I'll get that fixed before I release the
final 0.50

New stuff from the ChangeLog:

- Added TDS 7.0 support for MS SQL 7
- Added hostfile bulk copy for dblib
- Added writetext support for dblib
- Added CS_CON_STATUS property to ctlib
- Fixed bugs for ctlib version of PHP 3/4
- Many changes to text/image handling
- New script for running the unittests
- dbcancel/ct_cancel now working properly
- inserts/updates now return proper rowcount
- Numerous bug fixes

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