[PHP4BETA] php4+freetds, off-by-1 truncation

rasmus at php.net rasmus at php.net
Fri Dec 3 01:16:56 EST 1999

> I found the same problem using freetds-cvs with all versions of php - 
> php3.0.12 php4beta?, php4cvs. It is weird that sqsh works perfectly and 
> php+sybase also works.
> My configuration:
> Linux kernel 2.2.13 with glibc
> freetds
>     ./configure --with-tdsver=4.2
> php4
>     ./configure \
>         --enable-versioning \
>         --enable-track-vars \
>         --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs \
>         --with-sybase-ct=/usr/local/freetds
> Another different problem is that the latest freetds-cvs + php4cvs works 
> with sybase11.9.2, mssql70 but not mssql65. Again, sqsh works with all of 
> them.
> I'm more leaning towards php bug. Thank you for the excellent job camber!

This really shouldn't be hard to track down.  Fire up gdb and step your
way through and see where the off-by-one might be.  I don't really have a
Sybase backend to get a decent setup to reproduce this bug, but on a
system where you see the bug it should be relatively straight forward to


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