[PHP4BETA] php4+freetds, off-by-1 truncation

richard at iguana.co.nz richard at iguana.co.nz
Thu Dec 2 16:18:21 EST 1999

> > > Hey people.
> > >
> > > We have php4 and freetds working correctly, and talking to the
> > > database (Both versions are CVS from Tuesday) however we have a
> > > slight problem with the sybase-ct module. Now before I go hacking
> > > around, I thought I'd ask if anyone has a good idea why the
> > > following would be happening:
> > >
> > > Strings are all too short by 1 char (final letter is always missing)
> > > Row count is off on occasion.
> > >
> > > I don't believe these two are related particularly, so ideas on one or
> > > both appreciated.

A possibility was offered that it may be a conflict with other libraries,
however we have no other libraries installed. Further details:

The relevant box is a debian box (potato) with:

- Freetds (tuesday CVS)
- PHP4b3 (tuesday CVS) w gd and sybase-ct
- Sybperl (Latest stable from CPAN)
- SQSH (latest stable)


SQSH and Sybperl are functioning 100% correctly, PHP is connecting
correctly, and for the most part working, except for the following:

Every string line recieved from a hash is one character short

My conclusion from this is that for some reason the Sybase-ct module in
PHP is setting the length wrong or similar.

My previous note about invalid row counts I haven't been able to verify
(however I have regards the one-char-short issue) so this may not be a


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