ct_con_props() patched

Brian Bruns camber at ais.org
Tue Nov 30 16:42:53 EST 1999

Ack, a little too trigger happy with the cut and paste! :-)

Thanks Mark, it looks great.


On 11/30/99, "Mark Schaal <mark at champ.tstonramp.com>" wrote:
> There were three small bugs in ct_con_props(), one of which caused
> DBD::Sybase to crash.  A patch has been added to the CVS.  Brian,
> you might want to look at #3 to verify that it's correct.
> (1) There was no 'break;' ending the CS_GET/CS_USERDATA case.
>     The fall-thru overwrote the output buffer, eventually causing
>     a segfault.
> (2) The 'break;' in CS_GET/CS_BULK_LOGIN was before the memcpy().
> (3) The CS_GET/CS_CON_STATUS was doing |= and &= on an unintialized
>     value.  I initialized it to zero to be safe.
> Things look good now - I'm getting the same results from DBD::Sybase
> as from 0.47.  Can't wait until I get a free moment to try the SYBTEXT
> support.

Looking at the results processing in TDS 7.0 I saw what may be a rather 
serious bug with text types under TDS 5.0 but I didn't have time to look in 
to it.  Hopefully tonight or tommorow I will, but until then you may want 
to stick to 4.2

BTW, the TDS version stuff is now completely tied to the socket.  So you 
can have a program open connections to MS SQL 6.5, MS SQL 7.0 and Sybase 
ASE 11.x with TDS 4.2, 7.0, and 5.0 respectively all in one program!  The 
--with-tdsver compile-time flag is now only used as a default.

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