/tmp/freetds.log ?

Brian Bruns camber at umcc.ais.org
Fri Nov 26 10:26:00 EST 1999

Hi, I've made this optional in the latest CVS.  You will get no log file
by default. Setting the environ variable TDSDUMP will put the log in
/tmp/freetds.log and setting it to something (export
TDSDUMP=${HOME}/myfreetds.log) will write it whereever you specify.


On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Tom wrote:

>   It seems that FreeTDS 0.47 logs all activity in /tmp/freetds.log by
> default?  This look like this is hard-coded in login.c
>   This is bad because you can even see the password in /tmp/freetds.log.
> umask() isn't used, so the file gets created with the user's default
> umask, which usually would make /tmp/freetds.log readable by anybody.
> Great for debugging, not so great for production.
> Tom

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