[PHP4BETA] php4b3 and freetds

richard at iguana.co.nz richard at iguana.co.nz
Thu Nov 25 14:17:25 EST 1999

Morning people. (well it is here, and a pretty one too). 

Opinions on freetds support under php4? the latest cvs will build with it,
but for those who have tried it segfaults under certain circumstances.

I have tracked down the problem and "hacked" a fix in, and I *mean* hack,
it sucks, but before I look at a real solution, I wanna know whether
people are interested in supporting it. As far as I am aware, freetds is
the only sybase-ct compatible library that will run on the latest debian
and still talk to MS-SQL, so it might be a good move (I certainly hope

Essentially, after you get past the fact that freetds does an
fprintf(stderr) where it shouldn't, the problem is that php4 calls
ct_con_props(CS_GET,CS_CON_STATUS,..), and freetds doesn't support the
status call (hence it tries to tell the user with an fprintf(stderr..) 
which segfaults the program).

As far as I can see, its a missing feature in freetds, which should really
be recitified, I can look at doing that, but is there a decent number of
people who are likely to be in this situation?


The response from the PHP4 developers is that they definitely want freetds
in there. Any chance of an implementation of GET CS_CON_STATUS ? I'd love
it :)

If someone just wants to gimme a quick rundown of how exactly I determine
whether the socket is connected/dead (ie: do I just stat, or is there more
to it?) I can add the actual code in no problems, I just wasn't sure
whether a connection being CS_CONSTAT_DEAD was TCP level dead or database
level dead.


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