Will FreeTDS JDBC Driver work for JDBC 2.0?

Rusty Brooks rbrooks at utdallas.edu
Fri Nov 19 10:48:50 EST 1999

"Powell, Patricia L" wrote:

> Will the freeTdS JDBC Driver work for JDBC 2.0 if I don't implement any of
> the new JDBC 2.0 features?  I'm using SQL Server 7.0 and Java 2 ver 1.3, so
> the 2.0 version of the JDBC is bundled with this version.  If it will not
> work with JDBC 2.0, does anyone know how I can use the older version of
> JDBC with Java 1.3?

Well, I am using it with 2.0.  But I couldn't compile it under 2.0.  I compiled it
with 1.1.17 and took the jar over to the 2.0 machine.  I haven't had any real
problems yet, and I'm not using any 2.0 routines.

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