FreeBSD 3.2 + Apache 1.3.9 + PHP 3.0 + FreeTDS 4.7 + MS SQL 6.5 connection problem.

Brian Bruns camber at
Thu Nov 11 20:20:57 EST 1999

On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Alexander Cherevko wrote:

> Hello.
> > you can try is to compile PHP as a CGI module and run it directly to see
> > if it works, if it does it is definately an environment problem.
> I compiled PHP (3.0.12) to CGI. php3.ini in the /usr/local/lib with
> sybase.interface_file   =       "/usr/local/freetds/interfaces"
  ^ ok there is a bug here. search_interface_file() in src/tds/util.c is
called with the parameters out of order. Here is the patch:

[camber at amd133 tds]$ diff util.orig util.c
<       search_interface_file("", interf_file, ip_addr, server, ip_port);
>       search_interface_file("", interf_file, server, ip_addr, ip_port);

It is also checked in to CVS if you just want to grab the latest version.

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