FreeBSD 3.2 + Apache 1.3.9 + PHP 3.0 + FreeTDS 4.7 + MS SQL 6.5 connection problem.

Alexander Cherevko aliv at
Thu Nov 11 08:24:17 EST 1999


On 11/11/99, "Brian Bruns <camber at>" wrote:
> It is very odd that sqsh works and PHP does not....Have you set the SYBASE
> environment variable in your httpd.conf (SetEnv directive) or on the
> command line before launching apache? Also LD_LIBRARY_PATH may need to be
> set to /usr/local/freetds/lib (or wherever you install it). Another thing

Yes. Now I tried with setenv in httpd.conf. The same error. I tried with 
php 4.0 beta - the same. Something strange...

> you can try is to compile PHP as a CGI module and run it directly to see
> if it works, if it does it is definately an environment problem.

I'll try... Thanks.


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