FreeBSD 3.2 + Apache 1.3.9 + PHP 3.0 + FreeTDS 4.7 + MS SQL 6.5 connection problem.

Alexander Cherevko aliv at
Thu Nov 11 05:57:44 EST 1999

On 11/10/99, ""Brian Bruns" <camber at>" wrote:
> Hi,

>I believe it is having a problem the null password, can you set the 
>password to something and give it a try?  I'll look into it and see if I
>can figure out why null passwords aren't working for php.

:) I tried with the login: "test", password: "test". It is not a null 
password problem. I think password problem messaged only by:

"DB-Library: Login incorrect."

But this:

"connect: Can't assign requested address"

means that something wrong with connecting to server.


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