Some help, please?

Robert Bradman rbradman at
Tue Nov 9 14:59:48 EST 1999

I still can't find out of this is working or not.

In PHP I can sybase_connect() and sybase_select_db() just fine and get 
positive identifiers returned. However, as soon as I do a sybase_query() 
the page times out.

I can't find anything about testing with SQSH. I have SQSH compiled and it 
connects and I can, apparently, query. But I don't have any idea how to 
check the results of a select statement to see if any data was in fact 
returned or if it's just broken period.

I've been screwing with this for three weeks now thus I am three weeks 
behind. I would use ODBC but there zero worthwhile docs for using ODBC w/ 
FreeBSD and PHP.

This is a nightmare...

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