Bulk copy support

Brian Bruns camber at ais.org
Tue Nov 9 09:54:32 EST 1999

Hi everyone,

I've checked in a preliminary implementation of the bulk copy routines for 
dblib.  Right now, it only handles full file bulk copys ( 
bcp_bind()/bcp_sendrow() are not implemented).  Both in and out works, 
however the bulk in is not yet handling terminators, I'll be fixing that 

The code needs some tidying up and some things need to be pushed down into 
the tds layer so ctlib can be supported as well, but it does actually work 
(it even works on text/image datatypes).  I also need to document the 
protocol still (if you've taken the internals class or know the on disk 
format of the rows, the data is sent to the server in the format the rows 
are stored on disk! So, the server just slaps a row number on it and writes 
it....which is why bcp is so fast).


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