Need assitance compiling FreeTDS JDBC Driver 0.47L

Iain MacNeill imacneill at
Wed Nov 3 12:36:59 EST 1999

Hello, just downloaded FreeTDS, as well as the JIKES compiler from IBM. The 
compiler appears to be pretty straight forward, although I am having some 
difficulty getting the FreeTDS source files to compile fully.

Here is my situation, I need to obtain JDBC Level 4 access to a MS-SQL 
Server 6.5 database. What I want to be able to do is to build a java applet 
that can submit and retrieve limited sets of data to this server.

I have a WindowsNT web server, running the SQL Server and am developing the 
application on a Windows98 system. I have downloaded and unpacked the 
entire FreeTDS package into my 'c:\temp\freetds_jdbc' directory.

There is only one subdirectory off of this called 'unittests'. All of the 
.java files in this directory have compiled ok except for ''. 
This file reports errors when attempting to understand the line:

import com.internetcds.jdbc.tds.Tds;

It cannot find this library. I have set my CLASSPATH variable to point to 
the JDK class library .zip file from JavaSoft. Is there an additional file 
I need to download to obtain these libraries? Or is there a problem with 
the way I am compiling? Should I be creating these class files directly 
from the compilation?

Also am having trouble understanding how the 'Makefile' comes into play, I 
have tried executing JIKES with; 'jikes +M=Makefile *.java' and this seems 
to get things moving, but I get about 200 errors stating pretty much 
similiar things about not being able to find either the package or the 
import files specified.

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!!

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