Okay, it's working... sort of...

Robert Bradman rbradman at omaha.com
Mon Nov 1 14:38:34 EST 1999

I've gotten everything to compile and I've gotten SQSH to work properly and 
all is sort-of good.

For example, on one machine I managed to connect via PHP & FreeTDS to an 
SQL 6.5 server and query, etc. Worked great! Then I recompile on another 
machine... I query, works great -- through SQSH. Then I try it in PHP... I 
connect, get a positive identifier. I select the DB, get a positive 
identifier again. I do a sybase_query() and it just sits and times out... 
no errors given in apache_error_log...

I'm so damn close... what could this be?

Plus, in SQSH -- I have no idea how to actually display the results of the 
query executed. The docs are lacking. I am using SQSH 1.4 dblib version.

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