FreeTDS-JDBC 0.3 available soon?

Andreas Tille tillea at
Mon Nov 1 04:38:22 EST 1999

On Sat, 30 Oct 1999, Craig Spannring wrote:

> >From the 00-INDEX file-
>  freetds_jdbc-X.X.tgz        Latest officially released version.
>        Latest officially released version.
>  freetds_jdbc-X.X.jar        Latest officially released version.
>  freetds_jdbc.tgz            Latest version that has been through
>                              the regression test.
I really have serious problems to name the Debian-Pakages.  Wouldn't
it be possible to name such successfully testet Version
or something like that.  I wonder what intention could be behind
having three different states:
  1. officially released (well, it's beta anyway)
  2. successfully tested, but not officially released
  3. snapshot

Debian packages require a unique upstream version number.  Because
I was successfull with the two snapshots before the current
freetds_jdbc.tgz  I named them after the date of the newest file in
the archive which is quite ugly.  In my opinion it is bad to have
files with different contents and same names in your ftp archive.
I'd suggest the introduction of a third number to name the versions
which passed the test.  The current naming scheme is confusing.
Furthermore I would include the date of the snapshot in the filename
because getting this file by ftp removes original date information
of the archive file.

Kind regards


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