FreeTDS-JDBC 0.3 available soon?

Craig Spannring cts at
Sat Oct 30 12:02:48 EDT 1999

>From the 00-INDEX file-

 freetds_jdbc-X.X.tgz        Latest officially released version.        Latest officially released version.
 freetds_jdbc-X.X.jar        Latest officially released version.

 freetds_jdbc.tgz            Latest version that has been through
                             the regression test.

 freetds_jdbc.jar            Latest version that has been through
                             the regression test and placed in
                             a JAR file.

 freetds_jdbc.snapshot.tgz   Latest version at the head of the CVS
                             tree.  This version is not guaranteed
                             to even compile.

 freetds_jdbc.snapshot.jar   Latest version at the head of the CVS 
                             tree that compiled and placed in a JAR file.
                             It has not been tested and might not even 
                             run at all.

 old/*                       Older versions of the driver.  Version 
                             in this directory passed the regression
                             tests at the time they were released, 
                             but probably don't pass the current 
                             regression tests.

Andreas Tille writes:
 > Hello,
 > I found 
 >     129367 Oct 23 11:19 freetds_jdbc.snapshot.tgz
 >     110511 Sep 29 06:30 freetds_jdbc.tgz
 > on the download page of FreeTDS.  Unfortunately freetds_jdbc.tgz
 > hasn't any version number and I'm not sure if this should be the
 > announced version 0.3.  I really need this information soon to
 > get the right version in the stable Debian distribution.  Is the
 > latest snapshot intended to be the future version 0.4 or is it
 > a further bugfix release before version 0.3??
 > Kind regards
 >          Andreas.
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