Compiles OK -- how to use?

Brian Bruns camber at
Wed Oct 27 15:59:35 EDT 1999

Please try compiling SQSH ( to make 
sure your basic connectivity is working ok. It is a very useful tool for 
testing and debugging anyway, and I'd reccomend anyone using freetds or 
openclient to make it part of your toolkit.

>From the description it sounds like the ip address is incorrect (if the 
port where incorrect you'd get a connection refused instead).  You may try 
telneting directly into the SQL Server (like: telnet sqlhost 1433) and 
seeing if you get a good connection.  If so, it is probably a problem with 
the interfaces file (spaces are important in the interfaces file).


On 10/27/99, ""Robert Bradman" <rbradman at>" wrote:
> Well, I've compiled it and it appears to be working but I can't get it do
actually do anything. Using it with PHP3, trying to use 
I just get a time-out error in my Apache error log when trying to connect
to our SQL 6.5 server.

I have setup the $SYBASE environment variable... I have added our server 
the interfaces file... it just times out.

Any ideas?

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