Trouble on FreeBSD + Apache + Php3 + FreeTDS

Brian Bruns camber at
Fri Oct 22 08:13:42 EDT 1999

One work around that some people have used for this is to rename dbopen in
freetds to tdsdbopen() or something similar in src/dblib/dblib.c and
include/sybdb.h and then modify php to call tdsdbopen() instead in

If I get time this weekend I'll patch this into freetds and submit the
workaround to the PHP people.  Michael, would you be interested in adding
a workaround option to sybperl? I'll add something like
'--enable-dbm-conflict-fix' to freetds' configure.



On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Prince Cat wrote:

> On 10/21/99, "Michael Peppler <mpeppler at>" wrote:
> > Could be the libdb vs. libsybdb dbopen() conflict...
>'s right...!!
> I use gdb to trace apache httpd,
> and found it dead in apache: src/main/util.c ap_uname2id(), 
> this function use getpwnam() to translate username to uid.
> In freebsd, getpwnam called dbopen() in libc
> so conflict with  libsybdb.

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