Trouble on FreeBSD + Apache + Php3 + FreeTDS

Paul Schaap Paul.Schaap at
Thu Oct 21 19:05:22 EDT 1999


On 10/21/99, ""Prince Cat" <Prince at>" wrote:
> On 10/20/99, ""Paul Schaap" <Paul.Schaap at>" wrote:
>> and configured freetds with these args:
>> --with-tdsver=4.2
> I presume by using 4.2 you are connecting to MS SQL ? Which version ?
Yes, I want to connecting to MS SQL 7.0

> Grab FreeTDS-0.47 and test...
I tried FreeTDS-0.41 ~ 0.47pre2, all the same....

FreeTDS-0.47 proper is out !

> What *may* be occuring is that certain data types (eg Datetimes) may be
> causing the segfault, therefore simplify your query to only get CHARS, then
> try VARCHARS etc etc. to see what kind of datatype is causing the problem
> then feed back your results to the list. (you may try doing 
> CONVERT(CHAR(10),theDate) in MS SQL to test certain conditions)
My problem is after complier with sybase(using freetds), apache httpd 
be execute.
And it seems 's problem.
If anyone can run it (apache+php+freetds(sybase)) on FreeBSD,
please tell me what kind of version(OS, apache, php, freetds) your system

> Good luck.
> Paul
Thanks for your answer.

No probs

Silly question, but have you added /usr/local/freetds/lib to your 
or equivalent ?

What does your apache error_log say ?


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