Trouble on FreeBSD + Apache + Php3 + FreeTDS

Paul Schaap Paul.Schaap at
Wed Oct 20 20:32:32 EDT 1999


On 10/19/99, ""Prince Cat" <Prince at>" wrote:
> When I make FreeTDS-0.47 pre2 with 
>   FreeBSD-3.3-Stable, Apache-1.3.9, php3-3.0.12
> No error message occure during making, but when I execute httpd,
> httpd will showing "Segmentation fault",  and exited on signal 11.
> I set SYBASE and LD_LIBRARY_PATH  environment ready,
> and configured freetds with these args:
> --with-tdsver=4.2

I presume by using 4.2 you are connecting to MS SQL ? Which version ?

> configured php3 with:
> --with-sybase=/usr/local/freetds --with-apache=/......../apache_1.3.9
> configured apache with:
> --prefix=/.....  --activate-module=......../libphp3.a
> it cause segmentation fault.
> If I don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to sybase lib,
> it will show "Shared object "" not found", 
> and then I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to sybase lib,
> segmentation fault happed.
> If I don't use "--with-sybase" with php3, 
> httpd will work correctly.
> Is anybody can help me? thanks a lot.

Grab FreeTDS-0.47 and test...

What *may* be occuring is that certain data types (eg Datetimes) may be 
causing the segfault, therefore simplify your query to only get CHARS, then 
try VARCHARS etc etc. to see what kind of datatype is causing the problem 
then feed back your results to the list. (you may try doing 
CONVERT(CHAR(10),theDate) in MS SQL to test certain conditions)

Good luck.


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