RH 5.1 make (again)

Craig Burton craigb at ibis.com.au
Tue Oct 19 07:39:44 EDT 1999

Actually, had a go immediately instead and substituted
the IP address below with the DNS entry from the 
/usr/local/freetds/interfaces file

Still complains with 
"can't call method "dbcmd"..

Do you think my installation of freetds is broke?

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Craig Burton writes:
 > CPAN recons my sybase:: etc is up to date.  I had a burl with DBLib :
 > #!/usr/bin/perl
 > use Sybase::DBlib;
 > BEGIN { $ENV{'DBI_USER'}='';
 >         $ENV{'DBI_PASS'}='';
 >         $ENV{'DBI_DSN'}='';
 >         $ENV{'SYBASE'}='/usr/local/freetds';}
 > $dbh = new Sybase::DBlib 'WWW', 'blah',, 'test_app';

That should be the server name from the interfaces file!

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