Trouble on FreeBSD + Apache + Php3 + FreeTDS

Prince Cat Prince at
Tue Oct 19 04:39:59 EDT 1999

When I make FreeTDS-0.47 pre2 with 
   FreeBSD-3.3-Stable, Apache-1.3.9, php3-3.0.12
No error message occure during making, but when I execute httpd,
httpd will showing "Segmentation fault",  and exited on signal 11.

I set SYBASE and LD_LIBRARY_PATH  environment ready,
and configured freetds with these args:
configured php3 with:
--with-sybase=/usr/local/freetds --with-apache=/......../apache_1.3.9
configured apache with:
--prefix=/.....  --activate-module=......../libphp3.a
it cause segmentation fault.

If I don't set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to sybase lib,
it will show "Shared object "" not found", 
and then I set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to sybase lib,
segmentation fault happed.

If I don't use "--with-sybase" with php3, 
httpd will work correctly.

Is anybody can help me? thanks a lot.

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