RH 5.1 make (again) 1.1

Craig Burton craigb at ibis.com.au
Mon Oct 18 03:49:59 EDT 1999

Michael spake:

	sybperl is a thin wrapper around the Sybase C APIs. It's a lot more
	mature than DBI/DBD::Sybase (I've been working on it for 9 years :-)
	and it's maybe more natural to use for someone who already knows the
	Sybase APIs (or MS's DBlibrary). It's a little more
	than DBI, though obviously less portable. 


	Doing cpan install Sybase::Sybperl again with perl 5.0504
	...making more progress...  I'm a bit preplexed that it doesn't
	want to know where I put all that Sybase code - many megs of it,
	all those shared objects..  or does it go find them at run time?

	Anyway, CPAN wants me to force install - still fails the first
	test as in my other mail "Can't call method "sql" on an undefined
	value t/bcp.t line 49".  Maybe I am missing some lib?



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