RH 5.1 make (again)

Brian Bruns camber at umcc.ais.org
Fri Oct 15 16:53:54 EDT 1999

Thanks Mark... I'll add it when I can. (I forgot my pass and locked myself
out, I need to wait for it to be reset *doh!*)  I'll add the sybperl
stuff, as I have written quite a bit in it. I have a handful of other
changes to make anyway.

Did you get any further with text support in 4.2? somebody emailed me and
is going to send in some unittests for dblib text and bcp functions and
I'm gonna be working on it, so I'll make the changes for
tds_process_col_info() if you haven't already. (don't have the sources in
front of me at the moment).

Speaking of which, I've put a rudimentary script in CVS to do some
testing.  It's called 'test.sh' and will run the unittests for tds and
dblib (the ones Craig originally wrote).  I need to add more tds tests and
come up with some good ctlib tests as well. But it should be good for
regression testing and verifying that the compile worked properly.  I'd
welcome any and all test programs!


On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Mark Schaal wrote:

> > DBI::FreeTDS is a separate implementation done by Craig.  It does not use
> > or require the freetds libraries. I have no idea if Craig is still working
> > on it or not... There is also Michael Pepplers DBD::Sybase which I have
> > personally used and it works well (within the bounds of what freetds
> > supports).  You'll need at least version 0.47 of freetds and version 0.19
> > and up of DBD::Sybase should work.
> Craig doesn't really like perl, and he spends his time on the JDBC code
> instead.  I wrote up a bare minimum DBD of my own, and based on my
> experience I'd recommend using DBD::Sybase.  It's a nice package with
> pretty full feature support and Michael is actively developing it.
> It might be a good idea to add an entry to the FAQ on using FreeTDS with
> perl.
> ======================================================================
> Using FreeTDS with Perl
> There are three options for using TDS and Perl to connect to a Sybase or
> MSSQL database, DBD::Sybase, DBD::FreeTDS, and Sybperl.  Once an ODBC
> library is available for FreeTDS you should also be able to use DBD::ODBC.
> DBD::Sybase is the recommended option, and yes it does work with MSSQL.
> You will need to install the perl DBI module and the FreeTDS package,
> particularly the CTLib portion.  Set your SYBASE environment variable to
> /usr/local/freetds and install DBD::Sybase.  Don't worry too much if some
> of the tests fail.  Do worry if the module doesn't compile.  Make sure you
> have the most recent version of FreeTDS installed.  You can check the TDS
> mailing list archives or ask the mailing list for help.
> DBD::FreeTDS does not depend on the FreeTDS libraries.  It is minimally
> functional but it is considered alpha software and is not being 
> actively developed.
> Sybperl is....well, I'm not sure what sybperl is or why someone would 
> want/need to use it.  Maybe someone else could fill this in.
> ======================================================================
> Since I'm looking at the FAQ, two other things come to mind.  There
> should be some mention of the MSSQL 7.0 support status.  And there
> should probably also be a mention of those autoconf/libtool problems
> that keep coming up.
> Mark
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