RH 5.1 make (again)

Michael Peppler mpeppler at peppler.org
Fri Oct 15 16:50:52 EDT 1999

Mark Schaal writes:
 > > DBI::FreeTDS is a separate implementation done by Craig.  It does not use
 > > or require the freetds libraries. I have no idea if Craig is still working
 > > on it or not... There is also Michael Pepplers DBD::Sybase which I have
 > > personally used and it works well (within the bounds of what freetds
 > > supports).  You'll need at least version 0.47 of freetds and version 0.19
 > > and up of DBD::Sybase should work.
 > Craig doesn't really like perl, and he spends his time on the JDBC code
 > instead.  I wrote up a bare minimum DBD of my own, and based on my
 > experience I'd recommend using DBD::Sybase.  It's a nice package with
 > pretty full feature support and Michael is actively developing it.

 > Sybperl is....well, I'm not sure what sybperl is or why someone would 
 > want/need to use it.  Maybe someone else could fill this in.

sybperl is a thin wrapper around the Sybase C APIs. It's a lot more
mature than DBI/DBD::Sybase (I've been working on it for 9 years :-)
and it's maybe more natural to use for someone who already knows the
Sybase APIs (or MS's DBlibrary). It's a little more powerfull/flexible 
than DBI, though obviously less portable. 

It's still actively maintained and developped (by yours truly)

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