JDBC and SQL Server 6.5

Craig Spannring Craig.Spannring at aedinc.net
Fri Oct 15 15:44:28 EDT 1999

Mike Duffy writes:
 > a) In my applications About  window  how should I credit your collective 
 > work?

The license for the JDBC driver is in the header comment of each
source file.  The only credit that has to be given is in the
documentation and/or other materials provided with your program.  

 > b) What general queries whould you like in a general DBA explorer tool
 >     ( apart from the usual  whos logged, top 10 queries, top db locks )

 > c) I'm getting  an error   protocol confused   0x79  packet

Sound's like your using an old copy of the driver.  0x79 comes back
from stored procedure queries.  Get the a newer version from 


The 0.2 release is old, you will want to get the latest version that's
been through regression testing which is  freetds_jdbc.tgz

I'll be releasing a 0.3 as soon as I can get tests t0021, t0026,
t0029, t0032, t0041 working.  t0021 and t0029 fail because of some
code that hasn't been written yet.  They rest fail because they use
part of the TDS protocol that hasn't been reverse engineered yet.

BTW, Does anyone know what 0xA7 and 0xA8 signify?  They come back from
the queries like "select * from t0026 order by i compute sum(f) by i"

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