JDBC and SQL Server 6.5

Mike Duffy miked at satinsoft.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 11:45:06 EDT 1999

I am delighted with your free JDBC driver for Sybase and MSSQL.
But, I do have a few questions.

a) In my applications About  window  how should I credit your collective 

b) What general queries whould you like in a general DBA explorer tool
    ( apart from the usual  whos logged, top 10 queries, top db locks )

c) I'm getting  an error   protocol confused   0x79  packet
   after issuing a "sp_helpuser"
   query. if I do a simpler query then it behaves fine.
   is this a driver problem. or is my treatment of the driver at fault.
   ( I've just plugged your driver into a bigger version of the swing jdk

Thanks again

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