RH 5.1 make (again)

Craig Burton craigb at ibis.com.au
Thu Oct 14 22:47:17 EDT 1999

Brian says:

	I got around this on older redhat version by copying libtool.m4
	libtool 1.3.3) to the /usr/share/aclocal directory. I'm not sure
this is
	the best way but it worked.
	The real problem is that freetds uses autoconf is it finds it, and
	is missing some m4 files that would actually make it work. I thought
I had
	fixed this but apparently not.  Any autoconf experts out there?  If
	I'll post to usenet and see if I can dig something up.
	Curiously, I just did a make distclean and reconfigured and it did
	attempt to run aclocal for me when I ran make.  Hmmm...
make distclean croaks with the same message, I'm afraid...
just tried configure, but all the 'make' commands give me the same
fail.  Trying the copy you suggest above, what is libtool1.3.3?  Nothing
on the WWW about it...  


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