DBD::Sybase installation troubles

Michael Peppler mpeppler at peppler.org
Thu Oct 14 16:07:39 EDT 1999

Vincent Prosper writes:
 > On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Michael Peppler wrote:
 > #You should use DBD::Sybase with the freetds libraries. DBD::FreeTDS
 > #implements its own protocol handling directly.
 > Thank you.
 > OK, I followed your suggestion (despite the fact I have no idea about how
 > querying a MS SQL server from a Sybase driver :-( ), in particular what are
 > the right specification for the port number on a NT machine?

The default port for MS-SQL is 1433 if I'm not mistaken. Everything
else will be exactly as a Sybase server (from DBD::Sybase's POV).

 > So here are the commands I typed as root, followed by their results:

You need to get freetds 0.47.

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