DBD::FreeTDS installation troubles

prosper vince at assurdiscount.com
Thu Oct 14 08:24:08 EDT 1999


First of all, let me apologize for my english, it isn't my native 
Here is a short description of the problem:
I must query a Microsoft SQL server from a Linux SuSE 6.1 machine.
My Perl release is 5.00502.
I downloaded FreeTDS and installed the libraries in /usr/local/freetds/lib. 
I then ran ldconfig.
Then I surfed the web in order to fetch a DBD driver for FreeTDS. I found 
DBD-FreeTDS-0.02, which seems to be the latest version.
Trying to install it, I got the following problem:
> perl Makefile.PL 
Using DBI 1.06 installed in 
Writing Makefile for DBD::FreeTDS
> make
gcc -c -I/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/i586-linux/auto/DBI 
-I/usr/local/include -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -ggdb -static  -ggdb     
-DVERSION=\"0.02\" -DXS_VERSION=\"0.02\"  
-I/usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE  FreeTDS.c
In file included from /usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE/perl.h:1255,
                 from FreeTDS.h:45,
                 from FreeTDS.xs:35:
/usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE/cop.h:216: parse error before 
/usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE/cop.h:216: warning: no semicolon at 
end of struct or union
/usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE/cop.h:217: warning: type defaults to 
`int' in declaration of `sbu_rxtainted'
/usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE/cop.h:217: warning: data definition 
has no type or storage class
/usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE/cop.h:226: parse error before `}'
/usr/lib/perl5/5.00502/i586-linux/CORE/cop.h:267: field `cx_subst' has 
incomplete type
Here are my questions:

1. why does this compilation fail?
2. do I have to download anything else in order to make the whole thing 
3. since I don't know much about  Microsoft SQL (I must just query a remote 
server), do I have to include anything concerning Sybase, which as far as I 
know has no direct relation with Microsoft SQL -- sorry if this statement 
is false, I don't know windows tools)?

Thanks for replying as soon as possible.


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