Brian Bruns camber at
Wed Oct 13 16:08:31 EDT 1999

I saw this on freshmeat a couple of days ago and have been meaning to try
it out. (Gotta download qt first :-)

I'll probably get to it this weekend and see how it fares against freetds.
(fingers crossed).

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Gregg Jensen wrote:

> Just a note, from a 'now' lurker.  There is a fairly nice Sybase (dblib)
> graphical frontend that uses Qt 2.0, that provides query, result, history and
> database information within easy graphical reach (separated by tabs).  Fields
> can be copied from the database info page directly into the query as well as
> selected fields can be executed on by the query (if you try it you will see
> what I mean).  I am not sure how it will work compiled against freetds, as I
> haven't upgraded to Qt 2.0 yet.  If you would like to try it there is a static
> binary RPM version at:
> It appears to be stable and quite useable, a easy to use front end.
> Gregg Jensen

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