PHP and FreeTDS problem

Tasos Angelis tangelis at
Mon Oct 11 08:15:36 EDT 1999

You can try a mssql_close or not.
The effect is just the same.
The php manual also says that when a script finishes, the connection
is closed, even if you are not using a mssql_close, in the case of a
In the case of a persistent connection the mssql_close does not closes
the connection.

But I used all the combinations. Persistent, no persistent, with mssql_close
or not, but the effect is the same.

Tasos Angelis.

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>Forgive me if I'm just not seeing it, but there is no mssql_close() to
>close the connection when done.
>On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Tasos Angelis wrote:
>> >Can you post a small script demonstrating the problem so I can try to
>> >replicate it here?
>> Yes of course.
>> The script follows. I use the persisten connection in it.
>> I also used it with standard connection.
>> I forget to say that I use the 0.47beta version of FreeTDS.
>> The Artists table has got 2 columns. An integer and a varchar(50).
>> The script follows:
>> <html>
>> <body>
>> <center>
>> <table>
>> <tr><td colspan=2>PlayList from Tempo</td></tr>
>> <?
>>  ignore_user_abort(1);
>>  $res=mssql_pconnect("tasosa","tempo","tempo");
>>  if(!$res):
>> ?>
>>  <tr><td colspan=2>Could not connect to Tempo</td></tr>
>> <?
>>  ELSE:
>>  $what=mssql_select_db("Tempo",$res);
>>  $what=mssql_query("select * from Artists",$res);
>>  list($id,$name)=mssql_fetch_array($what);
>>  while($id):
>>   echo "<tr><td>$id</td><td>$name</td></tr>";
>>   list($id,$name)=mssql_fetch_row($what);
>>  endwhile;
>>     endif;
>> ?>
>> </table>
>> </body>
>> </html>
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